Saturday, October 17, 2009

THR Race Report

Race Report- 10/12/2009 Weather: Temp 55, skies clear, no precip

Arrived to venue at 6:15 for scheduled start-time of 7:15. Checking in was a breeze...just show up and a personal escort to individual rack. Placed personal items in special needs bag and changed into racing gear. Definitely not form fitting or aero or water resistant.

Watched pre-event video..boring...switched to "Today Show" which was also available. This passed the time better...was informed that there would be an additional delay in the official start...not sure of this was due to the water conditions or crowd management or exactly what. I did know I was fully prepared for the race ready to begin ASAP.

At 10 AM I was told I would be wheeled to phase #1 area...this was great...I didn't even have to pedal myself. I was then provided with final details of the event and given fluid supplements. I met with my personal trainer one last time before the races "final cut." Support team members were all in their appropriate places.

T1 went by quickly...exited the H2O area and moved quickly to race event 2...anesthesia. Was given a dose which made me very giddy, then one that quickly numbed me from the waist down.

Left for T2 where I was placed into proper position...and went under the knife.

When I awoke, I was in the pre-arranged family meeting area. I was also told that my race # was 903. I guess I had done very well as my wife was surprised to see me so alert and giving the thumbs up.

All in all, the best recovery I have ever nice 11 inch incision and staples, but very little pain. Post race supplements prolong the giddy feeling, which will continue for several days. I was allowed to come home the very next day, not forced to remain in the recovery tent.

I do not remember much about the other event details, but remained awake throughout the entire event.

Training for next race will not begin any time soon, but given the experienced and improvements gained, I will become fitter and faster.

Race pics will be posted as soon as available. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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