Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beginning 2012 with Enthusiasm!

The new year greets me with several goals:

1. To fully recover from the ill effects of last year's bike crash, including breaks in both arms. To date I have ventured on the bike one time, which resulted in a sore left elbow. Now the strength is much improved which should bode well for the next ride, hopefully next weekend.

2. To continue to lose weight. To date I have dropped 18 since New Year's Day. I hope to lose another 20.

3. To finish another 1/2 Ironman distance race. Right now I am looking at Ironman Pocono Mountain in September. The training will include a summer trip with my training buddy to Lake Placid. He will be doing IMLP this July. We hope to do a recon trip in June to ride the bike course, get a swim in, and check out the run course.

4. Get my wife back on the bike. She still wheels anxious from my crash.

5. The Philadelphia Broad Street Run and Philly Distance Run, in order to call myself a runner once again!